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A Practical Approach to Autism Recovery

It is claimed that the problem with autism arises as a result of vaccine poisoning, leading to damage to brain cells. Brain cells can regenerate; it just takes time, faster for some, slower for others.

Ensure the child follows a 100% plant-based diet, mainly fresh and raw. Use the following herbal formulas:

• Nerves 1 (for relaxing nerve cells)

• Nerves 2 (for nerve cell regeneration)

• Brain (for better oxygen flow to the brain)

Administer three times a day, with the number of drops corresponding to the child's weight. Mix tinctures in a little hot tea to evaporate alcohol, then have the child drink one tincture in half a deciliter of tea, repeating every 3-5 minutes for the other two tinctures.

For an additional two weeks, consider giving the child Detox Tea with Detox tincture, proportionate to their weight, three times a day for preventive cleansing, not needed if the child eats healthily.

Massage the child's head to improve circulation, ensure they are in clean air (preferably rural living), as clean air significantly aids autism recovery, as evidenced by spending a weekend in the mountains.

Enroll the child in horseback riding school, known as an excellent therapy for autism. Riding any horse with adult assistance is beneficial.

It's crucial for someone to be with the child, showing love, playing, singing songs, etc. This greatly aids in regenerating brain cells. Ensure the child has an early bedtime and avoids stress and conflicts at home.

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