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Dizziness, fainting, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, increased body hair, difficulty coping with stress, mild darkening and loss of skin color, especially noticeable when exposed to sunlight on areas like the entire skin, knees, elbows, scars, joints, and folds (e.g., on the hands, etc.). Lips and body freckles may darken, and hair may also become darker in color. Nail pigmentation lines may extend along the nails. Weakened adrenal gland function (either due to Adison's or Cushing's disease) can lead to body weakness, headaches, memory problems, dizziness, allergies, increased appetite, and blood sugar level disturbances.


Adrenal gland inactivity in both Adison's and Cushing's diseases is caused by a disorder within the adrenal glands themselves. Prolonged use of cortisone, a medication for arthritis, asthma, and others, damages the adrenal glands, causing them to shrink and malfunction. Even in this reduced state, the glands can still produce excessive adrenaline, leading to Cushing's disease, while a lack of adrenaline results in Adison's disease. To determine if your adrenal glands function properly, check your blood pressure while lying down and standing up. If the pressure is lower when standing, it indicates adrenal gland dysfunction, with a lower standing pressure posing a more significant problem.


Maintain a healthy diet. Include greens (fresh, raw, and cooked) and garlic in your diet. Garlic contains germanium, which stimulates the immune system. Consume brown rice, legumes, nuts, flaxseed oil, whole grains, and wheat germ sprouts.

  • Ensure a daily intake of B-vitamins through food and inactive yeast.

  • Take licorice extract twice a day.

  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, sugar-containing, refined, and fast food.

  • Eliminate meat from your diet.

  • Minimize stress, as it strongly affects weakened adrenal glands.

  • Read spiritual literature, as stress induces the secretion of ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) in the pituitary gland, potentially raising blood pressure, accumulating sodium, and depleting potassium. Another consequence is water retention in tissues.

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