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  • Echinacea operates through a dual mechanism. Initially, it is scientifically validated to substantially boost the quantity of immune cells within the body, including macrophages, T killer cells, B cells, granulocytes, and crucial immune chemicals that combat infections and illnesses. Additionally, it enhances the activity levels of these immune cells. Furthermore, echinacea markedly improves the capability of phagocytes—your white blood cells—to eradicate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These effects will effectively assist in combating infections and diseases, while also safeguarding you against future health threats.


  • Echinacea will improve, stimulate, and strengthen the immune system to protect you. Garlic creates an environment that is hostile to invaders and has been proven in laboratory conditions to provide strong protection against all kinds of harmful and deadly bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens.


  • Today, a weak immune system in people is a common occurrence, especially in our fast-paced, stressful, and toxin-filled society. Such weakened immunity is dangerous at any time, but especially during the cold season and flu season. There are literally hundreds of other known and researched health benefits from taking echinacea. The power and efficacy of echinacea have made it the number 1 plant for boosting immunity and the best-selling medicinal herb in the USA. And now, take the best!


  • Comes in 2 OZ | 60 mL Glass Dropper Bottles

Immune Plus

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  • Enhanced Immune Defense: Our supplement features a carefully crafted mix of herbs chosen for their potential to optimize immune function. Ingredients like echinacea root, and garlic have been traditionally associated with boosting immune response.

    Amplified Immune Response: The herbs in our formula work synergistically to amplify your immune system's ability to recognize and respond to potential threats, helping your body mount a robust defense.

    Antioxidant Reinforcement: Many of the included herbs are rich in natural antioxidants that play a crucial role in protecting immune cells from oxidative stress, promoting their optimal functioning.

    Vitality and Well-Being: Our supplement includes herbs believed to promote overall vitality and well-being, contributing to your body's readiness to face immune challenges.

    Adaptogenic Support: Our formula features adaptogenic herbs that may assist your body in adapting to stressors and maintaining a balanced immune response, especially during times of heightened demand.

    Potent Absorption: Our herbal supplement offers efficient absorption, ensuring your body can readily access the beneficial compounds. This allows for effective immune support.

    Pure and Potent: We prioritize using high-quality ingredients in our Immune Plus Herbal Supplement. Our formula is free from artificial additives and fillers, ensuring you experience the full benefits of nature's advanced immune support.

    Suitable for Adults: Our supplement is formulated to provide robust immune system support for adult individuals seeking additional defense against immune challenges.

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