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The plants in the Kidney-Bladder formula have three beneficial aspects in improving health: healthy urine flow, cleansing function, and dissolving calcium deposits. Herbs such as juniper berries, corn silk, horsetail, goldenrod, uva ursi, and burdock root in this formula have been used for centuries as diuretics.


Diuretics stimulate healthy kidneys to excrete urine, which performs a natural disinfection of the kidneys and bladder. Some of these herbs such as juniper berries are also powerful cleansers for your kidneys and bladder.


Some of these herbs contains potent phytochemicals, such as volatile oils, arbutin, quercetin, malic and gallic acid. Arbutin supports a healthy and clean urinary tract. Quercetin protects the billions of capillaries in the complex kidney filtration system. Malic and gallic acid (the same found in apples and apple cider vinegar) have long been used for kidney and bladder health. Juniper berries, corn silk, horsetail, burdock, and uva ursi contain phytochemicals that are diuretics. They help create a clean and healthy environment within the urinary tract.


Comes in 2 OZ | 60 mL Glass Dropper Bottles

Kidney Bladder

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  • Urinary Harmony Blend: Our supplement features a synergistic mix of herbs chosen for their potential to support kidney and bladder health. Ingredients like juniper, uva ursi, corn silk, and horsetail have been traditionally associated with promoting a balanced urinary system.

    Kidney Function Support: For those looking to maintain optimal kidney function, our formula includes herbs that aim to support kidney health and promote proper filtration.

    Bladder Comfort: Many of the included herbs are known for their potential to support bladder health and comfort, contributing to overall urinary well-being.

    Natural Cleansing: Our blend includes herbs believed to have natural cleansing properties, helping to support the body's natural detoxification processes.

    Liquid Efficiency: Our herbal formula offers quick absorption, ensuring that your body can promptly access the beneficial compounds. The liquid format enhances the delivery of kidney and bladder support.

    Pure and Potent: We prioritize using high-quality ingredients in our Kidney & Bladder Support Herbal Formula. Our formula is free from artificial additives and fillers, ensuring you experience the full benefits of nature's support.

    Suitable for Adults: Our supplement is formulated to provide kidney and bladder support for adult individuals seeking to maintain a healthy urinary system.

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