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Introducing our Psoriasis tincture! An all-natural solution to combat psoriasis. Our formula is designed to heal and soothe affected skin while also addressing the root cause of the condition. Made with only natural herbs such as black walnut, chaparral, burdock and calednula, this tincture is safe and effective for regular use. With consistent use, our Psotincture can provide relief from symptoms and improve the overall health of your skin. Try it today and experience the benefits for yourself.  Remember to consult a healthcare professional before introducing any new supplements into your routine, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are on medication. Embrace the power of nature's support for  strong and thriving skin.


Comes in 2 OZ | 60 mL Glass Dropper Bottles


SKU: 36528941234523
    •  Powered by Nature: Our Psoriasis Tincture harnesses the incredible healing properties of natural, herbal ingredients that have been trusted for generations. We've carefully selected these botanical wonders to create a tincture that nurtures and revitalizes your skin.
    •  Gentle and Effective: Psoriasis requires a gentle touch, and our tincture is exactly that. We've ensured that it's safe and effective for even the most sensitive of skin types, without the use of harsh chemicals or artificial additives.
    • Targeted Psoriasis Relief: This tincture is specifically crafted to alleviate the discomfort and inflammation associated with psoriasis. It's a targeted solution that helps to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and provide relief from itching and scaling.
    • Daily Skin Care Companion: Our Psoriasis Tincture is perfect for daily use and an essential addition to your wellness routine. Its natural ingredients work to maintain the overall health of your skin and provide ongoing relief.
    • Ingredients You Can Trust: Our tincture contains a unique blend of botanical treasures, including soothing calendula, burdock root, and black walnut, carefully combined to deliver effective relief for psoriasis-prone skin and combat the root cause.
    • Black Walnut
    • Calendula
    • Chaparral
    • Cleavers
    • Burdock Root
    • Oregon Grape
    • Red Clover
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